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Streams & Stillness, it's all about fishing

Streams & Stillness, it's all about fishing

The waters have served the residents of Arjeplog well throughout the years, they have both fed people and carried them. As you visit Arjeplog, we would like to invite you to experience our waters, the tranquility and adventure that they offer. Sit down by the water with a fishing rod and let your mind wander whilst waiting for the fish to bite, or take up the fight with the grand old pike, enough to impress without changing
the story afterwards.

Regardless of your preferred pace, the attraction of the water is as powerful as the hunger for your packed lunch and the thirst for pot-boiled coffee when it’s time to take a break. We can’t wait to show you all of this and more.

Photo Johan Fjellström

The municipality of Arjeplog is as large as half of Belgium and with its 8,727 lakes, remarkably rich in trout, arctic char, pike and grayling. There is so much world-class fishing that it is almost difficult to grasp.

Accompanied by a skilled guide you will find your way to waters that you will never forget – and fishing stories which you will never stop telling. The pike fishing  champion, Nicklas Hallnor, will take you on a monster hunt and together with Tony Westerlund and Ken Långdahl you will find the trout no matter if it’s hiding in the streams of central Arjeplog or far up in the mirror-like lakes of the mountain

Photo Arctic Charter

From Miekak, you can go arctic char fishing in an untouched environment and by going on one of the Arctic Charters tours, you
can learn to trick the shyest of graylings.

www.miekak.com       www.arcticcharter.com

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