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A warm welcome to historical lands

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A warm welcome to historical lands

Arjeplog is a wild, friendly and wonderful place. Located in Western Swedish Lapland, with mountain ranges, a border to Norway and the Arctic Circle cutting straight through the region. The mountain archipelago in Arjeplog has plenty of room for rest and energizing activities alike. The water of the three rivers and 8,727 lakes is clean and pure enough for you to drink, wherever in Arjeplog you might find yourself.

Photo Johan Fjellström

The light of the midnight sun makes the days last forever. Both serenity and adventure are just around the corner, for you to discover. Sweden’s deepest lake, Lake Hornavan, is on display from the moment you arrive.

The easily accessible footbridges crossing the waters of the Arjeplog streams, rich in fish, can be reached with a short walk. The spectacular view from the peak of Galtispouda Mountain can be reached by car in just a few minutes. If you go by helicopter out into the mountains, there are well-renowned facilities making sure that you are never far away from amenities, even whilst finding your way along less travelled roads.

Photo Johan Fjellström

Arjeplog has had human inhabitants for the last 10,000 years. From Stone Age trapping cultures to the high-tech vehicle industry of the 21st century, Arjeplog’s residents have always been open to new technology, refining it and finding new ways to face the future. The collections at the Silver Museum tell many stories about life in the olden days, allowing the people and their history to live on. Today, Arjeplog is the international centre of cold climate car testing and this is evident all year round; the atmosphere is international, there is great hospitality and a near infinite number of accommodation options.

Arjeplog is characterised by a very particular kind of hospitality, a warmth between people. Regardless of whether you come here to fish for trout in a crystal clear mountain lake, to experience Sami culture, to walk new trails or to stay in a cottage, surrounded by natural beauty and tranquility, you will meet welcoming people and experience truly heartwarming hospitality.

Welcome to share our wild, wonderful lifestyle this summer!

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